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A one-day workshop introducing the concept of animal rights, how animals are exploited in current society, and simple practical tips to live a compassionate cruelty-free lifestyle. Includes speakers and video presentation

What workshop participants say:

"All the topics were presented very comprehensively, and you all seem very knowledgeable! I'm ready for an advanced AR course now"

"The presentation was very informative. I didn't know how much suffering existed in the egg/dairy industry. I am currently a ovo/lacto vegetarian, but after learning about the egg/dairy I want to become vegan"

"This was great and very educational. Thank you so much for devoting so much time, energy and effort into today. This was very valuable."





A one-day workshop introducing the many reasons why vegetarianism is a healthy, environmental, and compassionate diet, and how to adopt veg lifestyle. Includes speakers and video presentation.



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