Compassionate Living
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AR101 Compassionate Living Workshop

Animal Rights 101 Compassionate Living is a community workshop that explores how our individual decisions affect other animals.

This event will examine how animals are exploited for food, clothing, entertainment, and product development.

Speakers will provide information on simple, positive choices that you can make to help the animals and how you can easily make compassion a part of your daily life.

Workshop outline

  • Philosophy of Animal Rights
  • History of Animal Rights
  • Treatment of Farmed Animals
  • Health
  • Social Justice & Environmental Impacts of Eating Animals
  • Vivisection/Dissection/Product Testing
  • Animals in Captivity
  • Animals as Fabric
  • Animal Activism

This workshop is now open for registration.

What AR101 participants say:

"Excellent job, I'm very happy I came."
"Excellent speakers. So knowledgeable! Great presentations, everyone!!"




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